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We’re committed to making a difference in your health and wellness. It starts with a great experience. Our professionals are friendly, caring experts. They want the best for you. Our services – from physiotherapy to chiropractic, sports injury treatment, acupuncture, holistic health and beyond – are modern and top quality.
We provide patients with individualized treatment plans and manual physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions with our head therapists, to help them manage their injuries and pain. Our therapists have extensive experience working with top professional athletes from the WTA, ATP NHL, MLB and various Olympic teams. We bring the highest level of care to you.

Everyone suffers from injuries throughout life, and although the diagnosis of which structure is affected is important, it is equally as important to determine what caused this injury, and provide quality rehab care.

  • We utilize the most advanced techniques, treatment and modalities to treat your condition
  • Our clinic is equipped with cutting edge technology for rehab care
  • We offer Direct Billing to our patients for most insurance companies, to make it easier for you to receive the care you need
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