Women’s Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Vaughan.

Pelvic health is a complex and intertwined system that is really easily misdiagnosed. The pain and discomfort experienced in mild cases can lead to assumptions — and many women believe they can self-medicate at home. At My Physio Sports & Rehab Centre, we provide pelvic floor physiotherapy to help you identify the root cause and get you on the path to recovery.

Pelvic health issues can present confusing symptoms. Women often believe they are experiencing bladder infections, lower back pain due to stress, or digestive issues (such as constipation and diarrhea). Unfortunately, self-medicating will not improve the symptoms since the underlying cause hasn’t been identified. 

Once we have established the cause of the issues through pelvic floor physiotherapy in Vaughan, the process of strengthening and repairing the pelvic floor can begin. A wide range of symptoms can be alleviated and life can suddenly seem far easier and more manageable. 

Living with these ever-constant pains and unpleasant sensations can be incredibly disruptive to your productivity. Let’s change that, starting now! If you’re based in Vaughan, contact us for an appointment with a women’s pelvic floor physio near you.

our clinic’s special care

With symptoms like incontinence, discussing your pelvic health can be challenging — and we know it is a sensitive topic for many women. Pelvic floor issues often arise as a result of pregnancy or even injury. Like any other area of your health, it is a biological function that can be improved with the correct work. 

Your first appointment might have you feeling nervous before you arrive, but we want to assure you that there’s no need. Our physiotherapist is skilled at handling pelvic health issues with care and with tact, addressing the issue thoroughly and with the leading techniques — all while respecting your body and your personal preferences.

Your visit to our practice will be a warm and welcoming experience. We have taken great care to create a healing centre that provides our visitors with a comfortable atmosphere. Our main goal is to provide a positive and informative healing journey with our skilled physiotherapy team.

pelvic floor retraining program

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that deals with treating the muscles, joints and nerves of the pelvis. 

Our physiotherapist, Parul Chauhan, has received Level 1, 2A, 3A, pregnancy, and DRA courses to accomplish her training for assessing and treating Pelvic Floor from Pelvic Health Solutions. 

A pelvic floor assessment can involve an internal vaginal and/or rectal exam. Our pelvic floor physiotherapist helps treat the following conditions:

urine leakage / incontinence

Some people experience leakage when they laugh, cough, sneeze, jump, run or during strenuous activities. Leakage can also happen when a person has a strong urge to urinate. 

Common causes are weak, poorly controlled or hypertonic pelvic floor muscles. It is important to assess the core case of this problem and offer treatment accordingly. 

At My Physio Sport & Rehab Centre, we know that contrary to popular belief, urinary incontinence is not just about kegel exercises!


Prolapse of a pelvic organ is felt as if there is a bulge either at or near the vaginal opening, sometimes resembling vaginal or rectal pressure. These symptoms typically get worse in gravity-dependent positions and improve by laying down. 

These patients sometimes have coexisting concerns — including constipation, incontinence and/or difficulty emptying the bladder or bowels. A pelvic floor physiotherapist will use conservative strategies to correct and reverse the problems associated with prolapse. 

The research concludes that pelvic health physiotherapy should be the first line of defense before surgical consideration for incontinence in women.

pelvic pain

Persistent pelvic pain can be very frustrating. These patients often get diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Pain Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome or Vulvodynia. 

With correct pain education, stress management, pain management and using non-nociceptive techniques, a pelvic floor therapist can help to manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life.

chronic low back and hip pain

While a large portion of the population suffers from chronic lower back pain, the cause isn’t often diagnosed correctly. Recently, a great deal of research has emerged around the psoas muscle and its role in lower back pain if it is partially contracted over a long period of time.

While this type of tension is often in women, it is often a pelvic dysfunction that causes the lower back pain. This is surprisingly common, but unfortunately not many women seek help for their pain or discomfort, believing it to be the ordinary stresses and tension of daily life. 

If chronic low back or hip pain does not improve with regular physiotherapy, an internal pelvic assessment should be considered. A recent study revealed that 95% of women with low back pain have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction.

What to expect your first visit

During your first visit, our helpful front desk staff will welcome you to the clinic. Our highly experienced and friendly therapist will then complete an initial assessment to discover what injury you are presenting us with, as well as how it happened. 

Following a detailed history and physical assessment, we will determine a proper course of action depending on your goal. One important aspect of recovering from an injury is to help educate patients on ways to prevent further aggravation of symptoms. 

Please note, at this time, these services are offered to females only.

Visiting our chiropractic clinic near you means we have the unique opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with our valued patients. This means we walk alongside you as you embark on this healing journey. We are inspired by the positive stories and the incredible results we have seen among our patients.

If you have been experiencing pain around the lower abdomen and in the lower back, there’s no need to feel hopeless or to simply accept the issue. We encourage and urge you to have an assessment in order to establish a cause for your discomfort.

Looking for life-changing physiotherapy in Woodbridge, Vaughan or the GTA? Book an appointment today!

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