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Introducing Custom Orthotics

Your feet carry you through your day and can easily be a source of specific foot pain or even pain in other areas of your body. Oftentimes the shape of feet is not appropriate for many shoes and this can be a sort of acute or chronic pain. The personalization of custom foot orthotics can help you say goodbye to that nagging pain you can’t seem to kick.

Many people learn to live with pain because they are never informed that the solution may be simple and convenient. Custom orthotics can help you move around on your feet pain-free again while also helping to support the alleviation of secondary pain you may be experiencing due to fatigued feet and inappropriate footwear.


From the Ground Up Your Feet Affect Your Overall Health

Similar to the need for a strong foundation for a house, your feet are the foundation you stand on and that carries you. Much like a house’s plumbing, frames, and electricity work together to make a house a home, everything within us can affect other areas if living well. 

Having a weak foundation harms the rest of the body as even minor misalignments and imbalances from wearing improper or unsupportive shoes can cause widespread tension and pain in your entire body. These imbalances and misalignments can eventually cause other health issues if not addressed and managed and may even lead to a need for surgical interventions.

Experiencing foot pain can be a hindrance to doing activities you love and can substantially decrease your overall quality of life. With consistent foot pain, you will start avoiding doing any physical activity leading to greater health concerns like diabetes and heart disease, loss of muscle mass, and reduction in endurance. Pain can affect your mental health and cognitive functions which means poor performance at school or work. From the ground up your feet literally can affect your overall health.


Get Personal with Professionals

If you have any biomechanical foot issues or medical conditions hindering you from performing physical activities, your doctor will most likely recommend an orthotic. An orthotic is a piece of medical equipment that an individual wears inside the shoes to adjust and support the feet. Orthotics come in different sizes, materials, and qualities. There should be a balance of rigidity and flexibility.

Custom orthotics act as cushions for your feet providing the comfort you have been longing for. With the help of custom foot orthotics, you can get the proper support for the feet while ensuring the correction of abnormal standardized forces in your foot’s joint as you improve your gait comfortably. Moreover, custom orthotics can improve foot and lower limb alignment, mitigate stress in the body, and reduce the risk of injury.

There are intricacies of this medical equipment that professionals like those at My Physio Sports and Rehab Centre can only understand to truly personalize models to meet your needs. Having customized orthotics versus off-the-shelf products are the better way to speed up pain relief, save you stress, and money while compromising quality and personalization may worsen the condition instead of treating it. 


Improved Living Can Be Yours Today

If you are ready to improve your quality of life with custom orthotics, get in touch with our healthcare experts at My Physio Sports and Rehab Centre today for a consultation and thorough assessment of your feet and needs. Contact us today by phone at 905-850-6683 to book your appointment or reach out to us online.


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