With Covid-19 changing our everyday life, we have gone to great lengths to provide the safest environment possible for our patients. Working with hospital and public health and safety experts we have implemented various safety measures at our clinic. In addition to providing hand sanitizers and masks for our patients as well as a deep clean of our clinic, we are also taking the following steps:

  1. Social distancing protocols including limiting the number of patients and staff at our clinic at any given time
  2. Glass barriers at our front desk to protect staff and patients during reception
  3. Therapists will be wearing face shields, face masks, gowns and gloves to provide added barriers against viral/bacteria transfer
  4. Sanitation of equipment and throughout the clinic before and after each patient visit
  5. Regular cleaning of high touch areas
  6. HEPA air purifiers throughout the clinic
  7. Passive and active screening of all clinic attendees

Going Virtual for those at risk

My Physio is now offering secure virtual sessions through video and audio stream. Connect with one of our head therapists for new assessments and personalized home rehab plans from home. Our therapists will provide you with the highest level of care possible and advise you on a home rehab program for you.

Click here to ask us any questions or request a call from one of our therapists to sees if virtual rehab is right for you.

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